February 20, 2009

Pendants In The Making

Here are some of the pendants I have been working on and have many more in the making. They are one of a kind, original, handpainted, wearable pieces of art! I am not sure if I am going to offer these as pendants only, or whether to create the full necklace. Most likely, pendants only. This way, I will have more time to paint. Each one is signed/dated and has a different scripture on each one as well. Still working out the details of the packaging but will most likely have the full scripture included. Will post the others once completed and get them photographed.

Getting Back On Track

This past week has been sooooo busy and it feels GREAT! Although I am getting so much accomplished, I still need to set up an actual timeline schedule for myself so I can stay on track. Especially when I'm working on my artwork, I tend to slip into the 'no time zone' and lose all perspective of actual time. It's a new world for me, working completely as an independent and working out of my home office, with the laundry and household cleaning staring at me at the same time. This is the canvas I have been working on this past week (not quite finished, will probably finish in the next day or two) as well as some of my pendants (will post those images later today). I have been looking into Etsy.com and a few other resources to get my pendants out there. Etsy is great! I have been reading some of the blogs and stories on Etsy and there are so many success stories. Some amazing artisans with very similar stories as my own and it has ultimately changed their lives! I would love the good fortune of being a featured seller some day. Stay tuned, you just never know. My plan today is to update my blog and finish setting up all the extras available. There are many links to other artisans that I really want to post and get the ball rolling. Sadly, so much of this part has been new to me for too long, but I'm a quick learner. The 'old' 9 to 5 life didn't leave a lot of time for all the necessary extras, especially when my world is always dictated by motherhood first and foremost! Hannah (9) and Nathaniel (4) are my greatest creations of course. This is such a wonderfully, exciting time for me. I can't wait to see what's next.....

February 1, 2009

Giving Birth To A Blog

Almost there! My blog is actually starting to look like a blog...well, I'm getting closer anyway. I'll start posting works that I have done in the past and works in progress, so that everyone can take a look. I have wanted to get my blog going for sooooo long now, that I'm having a bit of a 'giving birth euphoria' going on right now...I know, call me crazy. I'm working on my website too, so it's like giving birth to twins I guess. Just to make it clear, I have had the 'real' kids too (they are now ages 9 and 4), so I'm hoping that gives me permission to use the 'giving birth' euphemism.......lets hope so.
Here are a few pieces of my work to get us started. There are many more, I just need to get all the images together to post. I am working on a few pieces now as well. How many hours are in a day? It's all good.
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