August 17, 2010

aceo etsy street team swap

I have been waiting to be able to post this for about a week or so now, and finally, I get to! The ACEO Street Team had a recent ACEO (ATC) swap and the subject matter for the swap was Mermaids. I had just joined the group and thought, what the heck, I'm gonna jump right in and join in on the swap! Really glad I did. It was great fun! My first ACEO (ATC) swap actually.

This is the mermaid that I did, which was done with pen and india ink and watercolors. I knew I was on the right track when my 5 year old, Nathaniel, came to my drawing table and said "Wow Mom...that Mermaid painting is really good". When your kids like what you do...nothing else matters! LOL.
The ACEO (ATC) I received was this cute little crow mermaid created by Stacy with MagicLoveCrow. Her Etsy shop is filled with all things crow! Very cute stuff, too. This was great fun and I can't wait for the next swap!

August 13, 2010

amazing savant autistic artist

I came across this quite by accident today and found it to be absolutely amazing! This young man has quite a special we all do!

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. Romans 11:29

in another etsy treasury!

Thanks to my ACEtsy Street Team, I just found out that you can search your Etsy shop name in the Etsy Treasuries and find all the Treasuries you are in. Treasuries are Etsy's ever-changing, member-curated shopping galleries where Etsy members create and share lists of items they love or are inspired by. The best thing is that these beautiful, diverse lists may be featured on Etsy's home page. Always a plus! I did a search and found another one of my pieces of art on a Treasury page, called Brooklyn Beauty,that I didn't even know about.......

Click here.... ACEO print is in my Etsy Shop!
My butterfly looks great on the page, too. I just love the color combination! I may have to create one of these Etsy Treasuries myself one day soon!

August 11, 2010

i'm in aceo addiction mode!

I can't stop! I can't! It's crazy! I am officially an ACEO addict. I have really loved this form of art for quite a while now because it allows me to create just about anywhere! A few small supplies in my purse and when the moment to the world of creating. It's great! These I did yesterday (late last night actually) and they are in my Etsy shop now.

Same technique as before, cutting out one painting and mounting it on the other painting. They look so great in person.

And still more to come too...several more on my drawing table to finish. Till next time....

August 10, 2010

the aceo challenge - balloon theme

Since joining the ACEtsy Street Team, recently, I have had the opportunity to participate in a couple swaps and challenges. I have really enjoyed all of it. They are a great group! I can't show you the ACEO I did for the swap because they are all still in transit, but the subject was Mermaids. I really look forward to receiving mine! As soon as everyone receives theirs, I will post mine and the one I received. Can't wait.

The ACEO Challenges' theme was Balloons. You could submit up to 3, so I did! I really wanted to step it up a bit and thought I would make mine a bit dimensional, if you will.

I decided to create each ACEO from 2 pieces, cutting out one and mounting it to the other.

The colors are actually sooooo vibrant, I just could could not get the same color intensity here on these photos.

They were all done with watercolors and pen and ink on 180 lb. watercolor paper. I have to say they look so great in person and I really enjoyed making these, that I have several more on my drawing table ready to be cut and mounted. Here's a teaser....

I will probably have these ready tomorrow for the Etsy store. See you then!

August 5, 2010

Alive - New Illustration

Just finished a new illustration called 'Alive'.

It is 9" x 12" on Acquarello Artistico Extra White 140 lb watercolor block, using watercolors, india ink in 3, sanguine and warm gray). I so love this watercolor paper. When I finished it and looked at it, I felt like it was actually breathing, like it was alive! It's rather warm and colorful in person really. And fun to do!

This is how it started, with a watercolor wash dictating the design. Some more ideas are brewing using this technique so I imagine there will be more to come using this concept.

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