August 16, 2016

new release!

I am so excited to finally tell you about my latest release! Insert drum roll here please.....

Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit: 
Coloring Designs to Nourish You with Love, Joy, Faith, Peace and More. / Adult Coloring Book

Can you be humbled and proud all at the same time? It was an honor to get to work on such a fantastic project with HCI Publishing, and especially using God's word as my guide! Coloring books are so big right now and standing out from the rest is the key. More than not, the adult coloring books out there are filled with clipart and extremely generic overall. I do hope this one stands out!

Each page is designed and created around a specific Scripture, using the 'fruits of the spirit' as the premise. The Bible speaks of visible "fruits of the spirit" as characteristics of a Christian...the attitudes, behaviors and traits that someone who believes in Jesus Christ should show. My hope is that while spending time with each page, relaxing and enjoying the process of coloring you reconnect with God and His word.

Well, I learned so much while working on these pages and I look forward to future projects.
(pssst....I might already be working on one, just sayin'. I'll update soon). I am also looking forward to finding these in person in the stores (WalMart, for one, purchased quite a large order). How cool will that be. So cool.

Don't forget to get them on Amazon, too!
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