October 8, 2010

finished 'dream'

Painting and drawing and sewing...Oh My!! Boy, has it been busy around here! I realized I had never posted the finished 'Dream' painting, so here it is. (Will come back later to post the many other things I have been working on.)

I really enjoy this style of painting...and for me, it's a way for me to get a bit messy and less restricted! Necessary for a 'Type A' personality such as mine. The toughest part for me is creating this cool underpainting and then having to paint over it. I showed the underpainting in the last post which I think could probably be hung 'as is', if you wanted. Then it's time to block out the background and enhance the images/shapes that are left over to show depth and interest. The best part is adding all the whimsical features. (See final piece at top of post)

Almost anything goes at this point. The main thing is to have fun...and it is GREAT FUN!

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