October 17, 2012

coolest kid on the block

My Son Nathaniel

I have tons of artwork still to post...and it's coming, I promise! But I had to stop for a moment and just post this adorable photo of my son Nathaniel. There was no school on Monday (10-15) and when my little guy came downstairs, this was the outfit he had put on! Biker shirt, Cub Scout bandana, 'phone' (doesn't work) with phone case, MP3 player, sunglasses and finished off with the Tat Sleeves. I don't think you could get any cuter than this!

October 9, 2012

long time...too long

I have missed you. I have been here the entire time, but my life got a little crazy for a while and unfortunately, my blogging world is what suffered so nothing else would. But, I promise to never let that happen again. Promise! Well, lets see. For the short version...the kids are older and still amazing, we moved into a beautiful new home, many new professional Blessings have come my way, lots of new artwork to share, and much more. Ultimately, life got busy. I'm back now so let's get started.

Pen & Ink
John 15:12
Here is a piece I finished yesterday. October is National Anti-Bullying Month and ultimately these words say it all. Love Unconditionally everyone!
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