July 29, 2009

Gallery Time

The day has come....I have some work in a gallery now!
A long time waiting. Very exciting and I look forward to others in the near future, too! The new gallery in Cape Coral has this piece and will have a few pendants too, if I can finish them in the next day or so, before the grand opening this Saturday. The water lily is a 18 x 14 acrylic painting and I'm really pleased at the finished piece. I've received so much positive feedback so far, so my anxiety is finally subsiding. As soon as the pendants are finished, I'll post those too. Well, it's time to paint....

Elvis Is In The Building

So many projects lately. A lot to tell, but my computer is acting strange today....so I'm not sure how much I'll get posted and it's quite late....urrhhhh....I mean early. Let's start with Elvis. Well, Grandma loves Elvis! And I mean really loves Elvis! She's mentioned more than once how she would love to turn her spare bedroom into her Elvis Room. She lives in the same house since her kids were small and I don't think it's been painted since then either! There were posters and AC/DC stickers and writing on the walls and I was certain to have my hands full, but it was time for The Elvis Room. I've redesigned many rooms for people throughout the years and was looking forward to this one. I really wanted to keep the cost down so I had to get creative! Painting the room was the worst of it! The primer first was absolutely necessary with the very unusual deep blue that filled every inch! I found Behr primer in the clearance section at Home Depot for $5 which was a great start. Had them tint it, which helped the final coat of regular paint! Of course painting the 6 foot Elvis silhouette was the fun part. It's the first thing you see when you enter the room. Found a great oak lamp from Target at the Thrift Store for $3 and the lamp shade for 5o cents. Painted the lamp black, recovered the shade, and even decoupaged Elvis on the pull-chain. Too cute! WalMart had some red plastic bowls in the shape of stars from the 4th of July on sale for $1 each and knew I could create something unique with them. Found a beautiful solid wood double dresser at the Salvation Army Thrift Store...well it wasn't so beautiful at first, but I could see it's beauty underneath. Talked them down from $85 to $40, what a deal! Found a great solid red comforter on sale at WalMart (thank goodness for the back-to-school sale) and then off to the sewing machine. Found some beautiful upholstery fabrics for about $1 a yard at JoAnn Fabrics including pleather! (pretend leather) A few extras and we were set. Once Grandma got used to the idea and accepted the chaos.....the work began. Took almost 3 full days with some help from my 15 year old neice Kayla. She was such a big help and she really enjoyed it, too. It would have taken much longer without her, for certain! Here are some before and after photos of the room and dresser. I was exhausted, but it was worth it. I will sew some more pillows to take on future visits, but for now, it does the trick! Grandma loved it, although she couldn't make out the 6 foot Elvis face on the wall yet....she thinks she sees it, but isn't quite sure yet. Oh well......I'm sure she'll 'see' it soon enough!
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