May 3, 2015

let's catch up...

Time just goes by much too fast around here. I'm sure you're familiar. Kids, teaching, work, art projects, home projects....well, LIFE! Blog-time has suffered though I have to confess....I have really become quite enamored with Instagram and well, that's where I've been instead. Is that a bad thing? Feeling a little guilty for not being here, too. So let's catch up a little....

Hannah and Nathaniel in Miami visiting the Wynwood Walls
Hannah and Nathaniel are always keeping me on my toes. They are growing so fast and silly as ever. They are both Scouts and school keeps them extra busy, too. We've even worked in a few adventures in the midst of it all. Gotta slip in some fun to balance it all out!!

Big-Eyed Fish, Acrylic,  24" x 24"
On my end, in-between the teaching and work, I have been able to get some projects started and completed.....commission pieces and works for inventory. This little guy I started back in 2011, I think. 2011!! For some reason I never finished his eye and the poor guy just sat there year after year while other projects were started and completed. Crazy!! 2015 was the year to give him an eye...and so I did!! I like him. He's quirky and bright and colorful. Fun!!

String Art Elephant, Gift for Hannah

String art. What fun! I don't think I've done one of these since high school. My photos aren't great but the thread is metallic silver and the wood is stained the most iridescent plum color. Very pretty and best of all, Hannah loved it.

Vintage Bible Page, Pen & Ink, Prismacolor Colored Pencils (approx 5"x7.5"), Incomplete
I've worked on lots of vintage bible and book pages and still need to photograph them all. Once I do, I will post those. This one I had started of Daniel in the Lions Den received so much attention and requests that it made me come to realize I really needed to consider prints for the bible pages. I didn't think it was something I was going to consider, but I am definitely rethinking that original idea. So much to think through when you are trying to develop your business.

So many more projects to show you, but will have to wait for another day.
Until then...Blessings!
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