July 30, 2018

snow owl and hexagons

Snow Owl and Hexagons - 10x10 - Wood Canvas, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, Gold Ink. Sealed w/ UV Satin Varnish

I had such an amazing response with the other owl that I did, so I figured why not? Let's do another owl! and oh, how I love him!!

I have always loved snow owls and really wanted to experiment this time. I kept seeing earthy, earthy colors but really wanted to find a way to incorporate some unexpected bright and trendy color combinations without being too overpowering to the snow owl. And then hexagons showed up over and over in my thoughts, so hexagons it was! Using both watercolors and gouache provided me the opportunity to maximize the transparency of the watercolor, especially for the background and hexagons, and the opaque qualities of the gouache for the snow owl. Once the black ink was discreetly added to enhance details, I was in heaven!! The response and requests were overwhelming and it was another "ah ha" moment for me, for sure!

I do love this new process and believe I will be creating a few more owls. 💛

July 25, 2018

carpe diem and a bird

Bird and Berries / Carpe Diem - 6x6 - Wood Canvas, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink. Sealed w/ UV Satin Varnish

These smaller sized canvases make a huge impact! Perfect for a tiny space on the wall, or perfect on a tabletop, too. I don't have too many in this size, but I am positive I will buy more soon.

Well, maybe not too soon. I just may have to take a photo of the stacks and stacks of canvas in my studio already, wood and linen. PLENTY to keep me busy for a while.

July 24, 2018

owl with botanicals

SOLD Owl with Botanicals - 8x8 - Wood Canvas, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink. Sealed w/ UV Satin Varnish

I love owls! I mean who doesn't? Right? So obviously that was where I headed first in my new wood canvas addiction.

I love how the watercolors took to the grain of the wood for the background. The entire piece has such a modern but earthy feel and I just love it. 

July 23, 2018

botanical no.1 on wood slice

Botanical No.1 on Wood Slice - Approx. 11x12.5x1 - Wood slice, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink. Sealed w/ UV Satin Varnish.
I have always loved wood and all its characteristics. The different colors and tones, the growth rings and knots, the organic beauty of each and every piece. Probably because I have such a serious love affair with trees and mother nature as a whole! Swoon!!

Over the years I have been drawn to wood as my artistic canvas over and over again. Everything from building from it to wood burning to carving to painting on and even drawing on wood surfaces with colored pencils. It is an amazing surface to express your artistic talents! Recently, I committed to myself to using supplies (mainly so I wouldn't buy any more art supplies lol) and inspiration that already lives in my studio and in my life. I had a naked wood slice in my stack of studio supplies and well, the rest is history!! I was once again addicted to working on a wood canvas.

This time I wanted to try something different and incorporate watercolors or gouache and possibly ink as my medium. I wasn't quite sure how it would absorb or expand once water was introduced, and whether to 'prepare' the wood before or after or in-between stages, but I figured it out and now I can't stop. I have several pieces completed since finishing this Botanical and I'll post the other pieces here over the next few days. Botanical's have always been a favorite inspiration for me but, hint hint, owls have also found their way into this love affair I am having. I love all of the feedback and purchase requests I have already received on Instagram or Facebook so I think I will be lingering here in wood canvas world for a while.

July 20, 2018

the story of chromosome X

So very much can happen in a months' time! And how amazing it can be!

'The Story of Chromosome X'  36x36 | Vintage Ephemera, Graphite, Acrylic, Ink, Colored Pencils, Pastels, Gold Leaf

Unexpectedly, and a bit last minute, I decided to submit a painting to Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center's 10th Annual juried exhibition "X". SBDAC invited the artists to interpret the symbol X to honor their 10th anniversary season for the month of June.

Once committed, I still had to figure out my interpretation of the symbol X.

I stared at my blank canvas for a couple weeks waiting for it to speak to me. Nothing. Then more nothing. It continued to stare at me and still nothing. I only knew my daughter would be the subject. But how on earth does that interpret the symbol X?

And then...one day, out of the blue, like an explosion or the excitement of Christmas morning, Chromosome X was born! Of course I had to double check and look up Chromosome X and Chromosome Y to 'just make sure which was which'......just in case I didn't pay close enough attention in Middle School Biology. LOL. Whew! It was all good! I was on the right track.

....and so it began. I didn't know anything at that point other than using my beautiful daughter as my muse and using an element of all the techniques and mediums I am forever drawn to.

The painting was essentially intuitive. I had no real plan. No sketches. No idea. I didn't see the final piece in my head. I let the painting tell me the story. The Story of Chromosome X. The beginning when God created woman. The love songs. The definition. The beauty of a woman.

I loved every part of this painting adventure including receiving the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center's Choice Award! Such an honor! And surprise! I overheard and was told such amazing compliments and "WOW's" from the Center and the public and fellow artists. I am honored.

It filled my heart & soul and affirmed once again, the path I am on as an artist!!

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center 10th Annual Juried Exhibition 'X' Choice Award 2018

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