November 18, 2010

handmade holidays

Well, the Holidays are sneaking up on me...AGAIN! and we are in Handmade Mode here at our house.
I am always in handmade-mode because it's what I do for a living, but the kids and I really try to work on some handmade gifts and decorations every year for the holidays. Hannah has a little business she calls Hannah's Sweet Treats in which she makes delicious and easy chocolate covered pretzel rods that she decorates with candies and sprinkles. I started this with her many years ago when she was about 5 to help teach her kitchen skills and how special handmade gifts are. Now her little brother joins in and helps make them. It's great family time. We are all working on several projects for gifts right now and the studio shows proof of that! And every year I am blessed with new ornaments for the tree that are handmade by the kids. I treasure them the most! I really love this time of year and look forward to the many handmade creations that we send out and receive from loved ones and friends.
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