August 2, 2019

wood slice botanicals

Wood is such an amazing canvas to work on! I especially love wood slices. Oh, how I love wood slices!! Normally, you will find a lot of wood burning done on these wonderful slices of heaven, and although I enjoy that, too.... I especially love to use the unexpected tools such as pen & ink, watercolors, and gouache on my wood slice. What I have found, though, is I prefer to use them directly on unfinished wood. No prepping other than super-fine sandpaper. There is something special about how the watercolor is absorbed and is dictated by the grain of the wood. Some of it is in my control. Most of it is controlled by the tree. It becomes a marriage, of sorts. I respect the tree. The tree respects me. We come together, work together and, God willing, create something beautiful together.

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