August 29, 2018

insects and botanicals: bee

My studio is filled to the brim with years of collecting surface substrates in every imaginable material and size just waiting for its due transformation! Many times I have found these fantastic 'canvases' in the bottoms of bins, at garage sales, on the side of the road, or end of season sales and often they aren't even intended to be used as a canvas at all. My family and friends can attest to this crazy obsession of mine, and although they don't always see my vision at the time, once I do my thing I usually get the thumbs up. 

When I found these smaller blocks of wood at an end of season sale, they had little mass-produced messages printed on them....but I LOVED the wood. The wood was real. The color of the wood was a-ma-zing! And let's just say they were marked way, way. way down!! Ultimately, they came home with me, the messages were sanded off, and there they sat waiting their turn for transformation.

Late the other night I decided to grab one and just try something a little different. I really didn't want to add color this time and kept the palette black and white to allow the wood grains and tones to dominate. 

I honestly didn't have a plan in place (which is more often than not the case in my creative world) but once I began, it came together perfectly. I love, love, love how the ink and paint stained the wood, and once the illustration was designed it gave it a bit of a retro-grunge feel.!

I can't wait to do another! and another!! 

Looks like a new series has now been birthed for these remaining blocks of wood: Insects and Botanicals. Stay tuned for more!

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