August 9, 2018


Blue - Approx. 5x4.5x0.5 - Wood slice, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink. Sealed w/ UV Satin Varnish
 “The bluebird carries the sky on his back” Henry David Thoreau

As many times as I try to use more subtle colors when I create, I often find myself these days drawn back to the vibrant color family of blue. It's ironic really because growing up, I hated blue! I mean really hated it. It's actually my birthstone, Sapphire, and I received a lot of gifts surrounded by the color blue or my birthstone. A lot! I thought it was dull and blah! I was jealous of my sister and her green Emerald! I mean, wow! LOL

Too funny because I wear a lot from the blue family, my home is decorated with a lot from the blue family, and I have created a LOT of artwork where blue and all of it's relatives are a big part. I am not sure what changed other than my love affair with earth. Whatever the reason, blues and greens and everything in between, make me smile!

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